Work with me

I work with dogs and their own­ers strug­gling with…

  • Rais­ing a super puppy com­pan­ion — going all in with social­iza­tion and train­ing to ensure those for­ma­tive months shape an amaz­ing adult dog
  • Chal­leng­ing behav­ioral issues — I use my years of expe­ri­ence as a behav­ior­ist to address unpre­dictable, intense, or oth­er­wise unusual behav­ioral issues.
  • Reac­tiv­ity, impul­sive­ness, and emo­tional con­trol issues — reac­tiv­ity and emo­tional arousal chal­lenges are my specialty.
  • Dog-dog aggres­sion — after years man­ag­ing large play­groups in a day­care and social­iza­tion set­ting, the lan­guage of dog-dog com­mu­ni­ca­tion is an area I’m flu­ent in.

There are three main ways to work with me…

Day train­ing pro­grams ser­vic­ing Belle­vue and the East­side.  I pick up client dogs and pro­vide tar­geted train­ing in their most chal­leng­ing envi­ron­ments.  These are great for resolv­ing emo­tion­ally charged issues like dog-dog aggres­sion and reactivity.

Group coach­ing pro­grams, online and in per­son.  I pro­vide a sup­port­ive, struc­tured, and safe envi­ron­ment to improve per­for­mance in spe­cific areas or trou­bleshoot chal­leng­ing behav­ioral issues.

One-on-one coach­ing.  For clients look­ing for a deeper dive into con­nect­ing and com­mu­ni­cat­ing with their dogs.  I work inti­mately with clients in their homes or at loca­tions rel­e­vant to the behav­iors being addressed.

If you think you might be inter­ested in work­ing with me, con­tact me here at

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