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What You Need to Know About Behavior Problems

When deal­ing with a behav­ior prob­lem the world sud­denly seems like a sea or con­flict­ing arti­cles, books, TV magic, and unwel­comed advice from passer-bys.  It can be hard to find rea­son­able solu­tions that don’t require insane tech­ni­cal skills, an obscene amount of time, or a hearty team of dogs and peo­ple on stand-by for training […]

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What Every Puppy Owner Needs to be Training Right NOW!

The truth is in the teeth.  Your puppy is an impres­sion­able, harm­less, help­less lit­tle crea­ture until those lit­tle pointy puppy teeth fall out and are replaced by full-sized adult ones at about six months of age.  Once those adult teeth come in, your puppy’s gen­tle mal­leable behav­ior solid­i­fies and become much much much harder to […]

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