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Is that Normal?

It seems that even with dogs being such a huge part of our soci­ety we still under­stand so lit­tle about them, espe­cially in regards to read­ing and accu­rately inter­pret­ing their behav­ior.  Under­stand­ing what your dog is say­ing, what behav­iors are appro­pri­ate, and acquir­ing the tools to pre­vent and cor­rect issues seems to be at the […]

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The Joy of Dogs

Much of my train­ing phi­los­o­phy stems from the fact that I love dogs for being dogs.  Yeah, I know most dog train­ers love dogs, but I am not sure that all of them love dogs for being dogs.  Dogs keep me grounded.  They remind me to enjoy life, love fully, lighten up every once in […]

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