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A dog on leash barking

Q & A: Fear and aggression towards men

Q: “We adopted now 10 month-old Roscoe as a puppy.  We attended sev­eral train­ing classes [with another trainer] and he is a great dog around the house but he is still ter­ri­fied of men.  The res­cue said he had been abused by a man in his pre­vi­ous home.  He runs and hides from men and […]

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Vega tasting sea water

Q & A: Coming when called at the dog park

Q: “We love our one-year old Pointer, Grif­fin but can’t get him to come at the dog park.  He has a lot of energy and the only thing that wears him out is play­time with his friends but we can never get him to leave.  We have to stay at the dog park until he […]

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A dog pulling on leash

Q & A: Behaving poorly on leash

Q: “Our Gold­en­Doo­dle Parker is ter­ri­ble on leash.  He is not even a year old yet and my wife refuses to walk him.  We thought we did every­thing right by tak­ing him to puppy class and the dog park as much as we could.  He loves other dogs but he barks and pulls like crazy […]

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a dog park

Q & A: Dog park jealousy

Q: “I have had Lucy and Wil­son since they were babies.  They love each other and play all day so well.  Wil­son gets jeal­ous at the dog park when other dogs play with Lucy.  It upsets the peo­ple and I have stopped tak­ing them.  How can I get Wil­son to stop?” A: For Wil­son to continue […]

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Charlie and Lola play tug

Q & A: Getting an older dog to play

Q: “I adopted my 6 year old Bor­der Col­lie mix, Shep, about a year ago.  I take him on 2-mile long walks every day and we he loves to play fetch but he doesn’t seem to be very inter­ested in other dogs.  I tried tak­ing him to the dog park but he doesn’t play with […]

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Q & A: Off-leash hiking

Q: “I have a one-and-a-half year old Cocker Spaniel named Magic.  I would really like to walk him off-leash but he doesn’t lis­ten on our walks and doesn’t always come when called.  There are lots of nice trails by our house and it seems like a waste.  My last dog fol­lowed me every­where but Magic […]

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Q & A: Becoming a Therapy Dog

Q: “My 4 year old black Lab loves peo­ple and I think he would make a great ther­apy dog.  I think he would love vis­it­ing retire­ment homes and hos­pi­tals. What do I need to do to do this with him?” A: Ther­apy work can be an incred­i­bly reward­ing expe­ri­ence and is a great way to showcase […]

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