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When to Use a Head Halter

Of course I shouldn’t need to point out that I am a dog trainer and this is what I have found to work for me specif­i­cally.  I am using tools that I know how to use and have expe­ri­ence using in the way that I use them.  This is not always the way that I […]

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Dogs touching noses on leash

Bad Leash Behavior Explained

I would like to talk about poor behav­ior on leash, par­tic­u­larly those unde­sired behav­iors that are directed at other dogs.  What us train­ers call “leash reac­tiv­ity” or “dog-reactive on leash”.  The bulk of new train­ing con­tacts I get are about, or at least men­tion, their dogs bark­ing or lung­ing at other dogs on leash.  My […]

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A dog pulling on leash

Q & A: Behaving poorly on leash

Q: “Our Gold­en­Doo­dle Parker is ter­ri­ble on leash.  He is not even a year old yet and my wife refuses to walk him.  We thought we did every­thing right by tak­ing him to puppy class and the dog park as much as we could.  He loves other dogs but he barks and pulls like crazy […]

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Lydia equiped for the trails

Out & About: Trail Etiquette 101

Teach­ing a dog to walk com­fort­ably and politely on leash is one of the best train­ing gifts you can give.  Leash issues like pulling, reac­tiv­ity, and over­all lack of atten­tion are some of the con­cerns fre­quently seen and often most urgently in need of repair.  A dog that can­not be walked on leash quickly spirals […]

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