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When to Use a Head Halter

Of course I shouldn’t need to point out that I am a dog trainer and this is what I have found to work for me specif­i­cally.  I am using tools that I know how to use and have expe­ri­ence using in the way that I use them.  This is not always the way that I […]

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What You Need to Know About Behavior Problems

When deal­ing with a behav­ior prob­lem the world sud­denly seems like a sea or con­flict­ing arti­cles, books, TV magic, and unwel­comed advice from passer-bys.  It can be hard to find rea­son­able solu­tions that don’t require insane tech­ni­cal skills, an obscene amount of time, or a hearty team of dogs and peo­ple on stand-by for training […]

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Your Cattle Dog Hates Deadpool

A weekly blog wherein I show how I can relate almost every­thing to dog. This week­end the movie Dead­pool, based on a pop­u­lar foul-mouthed ninja-esque gun wield­ing assas­sin comic book hero, comes out in the­aters.  It has great reviews and I have heard great things about it but when the first few trail­ers came out I […]

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Training Guide: 3 Tips to Control Your Crazy Dog (that every single pro does)

Got a wild one?  Well, here are some super sim­ple things you can do with your dog right now to burn energy, improve focus, and teach your dog how to con­trol those impul­sive emo­tions that drive you crazy.  These are tricks that all the dog pro­fes­sion­als use to turn high-energy busy dogs into per­for­mance champions […]

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3 Tips for a More Reli­able Dog

Hello, Amy here! This Sep­tem­ber wel­comes our inau­gural Fri­day train­ing video. The first of many tips and tricks deliv­ered straight to your inbox weekly. We are so excited to be pro­vid­ing you with more e-mails like this one chock full of insider train­ing mate­r­ial that you won’t find any­where else. This week I’d like to share […]

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Pharoah Hound weaving

Crazy Canines & Workin’ Dogs: The Ferraris

You know one if you have one.  These dogs are always on the go.  They want to do be doing some­thing and they want to be doing it NOW!  They are busy bod­ies in train­ing classes, a chal­lenge on leash, and can find the con­stant stim­u­la­tion of ken­nels and dog day­cares over­whelm­ing.  It can seem […]

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Dogs touching noses on leash

Bad Leash Behavior Explained

I would like to talk about poor behav­ior on leash, par­tic­u­larly those unde­sired behav­iors that are directed at other dogs.  What us train­ers call “leash reac­tiv­ity” or “dog-reactive on leash”.  The bulk of new train­ing con­tacts I get are about, or at least men­tion, their dogs bark­ing or lung­ing at other dogs on leash.  My […]

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