Carl Day 2

We start off day two with some more tug and drop work.  This time with a flirt pole to get Carl engaged more quickly.  As you can see, he is very inter­ested but still has a wait and see approach.  We con­tinue to play for quite a while each ses­sion to make it well worth his while to engage, I am just edit­ing that out.

I did make the mis­take of intro­duc­ing a squeaky toy here.  Carl is not a fan.  It took us a while to get back in the game after­wards as his trust in me was dented for a sec­ond there.

The sec­ond exer­cise I filmed here was just some basic place stuff.  Since Carl is fre­quently off leash and it can be hard to get him under con­trol when he is very stim­u­lated, a go-to-place com­mand that gets Carl to go and lie down some­where and stay there is really valu­able.  The first step is to get him to place his feet on a new object.

When I am teach­ing a new take on an old behav­ior, I like to use objects that the dogs does not fre­quently encounter.  In this case is it a tex­tured foam square.  Carl would prob­a­bly be more likely to lie down on a bed or blan­ket but he is famil­iar with these objects and fre­quently inter­acts with them with noth­ing spe­cial hap­pen­ing.  I want this new place object to be spe­cial, for him to have an asso­ci­a­tion with lying down and stay­ing enthu­si­as­ti­cally here.

Carl is not crazy about putting his feet on this odd new tex­ture and this mor­phed into an “over­com­ing strange things” exer­cise as much as a “go-to-place”.  In hind­sight it was a lit­tle much and a softer or more famil­iar object like a cloth place mat might have been a bet­ter choice.

As usual there is a lot of play going on at the end here to relieve any stress this new task might have caused and to asso­ciate this strange thing with fun.


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