Adult Dog Training

Cre­ate a go-anywhere do-anything dog

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It’s chal­leng­ing to nav­i­gate this human world if you’re a dog: leashes that inter­fere with nor­mal walk­ing and greet­ing, areas that are off-limits for pee­ing, and a lot of peo­ple that don’t appre­ci­ate your enthu­si­as­tic doggy jump­ing to say hello.  Dogs don’t just have to learn the skills to fit in, they have to learn how to do them in all sorts of strange and weird envi­ron­ments and will all sorts of bizarre things going on around them.  Our job is to give our dogs those few core behav­iors to nav­i­gate the world, and then show them that these behav­iors apply every­where they go.

Here’s some impor­tant things to know…

Keep it sim­ple.  Good train­ing is not about learn­ing a whole bunch of com­mands, it is about get­ting our dogs really good at doing a few com­mands no mat­ter what is hap­pen­ing or where.

Speed is step-by-step.  It’s easy to rush ahead in the train­ing process and end up with a con­fused dog that does not under­stand what’s expected of them.  Lay a clear foun­da­tion so that progress from there is quick and easy.

Hit the road.  Once you have those few sim­ple behav­iors estab­lished, time to pack up and move.  The biggest train­ing chal­lenge we face is get­ting our dog to under­stand how to per­form behav­iors reli­ably no mat­ter what.  And the more we do, the eas­ier it will be for our dogs to gen­er­al­ize in the future.

First, check out this arti­cle I wrote called What Every Good Dog Needs to Know

If you have a puppy look­ing for train­ing, click here to check out our puppy train­ing programs.

Now, on to the programs…

Cool Dog Life Skills

This class is for teen/young adult dogs and is a con­tin­u­a­tion of Puppy Life Skills or a sim­i­lar pro­gram.  This class really dives into what it takes to shape a truly great dog through exer­cise and games that tar­get emotional-control, focus, and build the com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills you’ll need to han­dle future life with your dog.

This class is very outside-the-box, intro­duc­ing con­cepts from agility and other dog sports.  It is rec­om­mended that you have some expe­ri­ence work­ing with me before enroll­ment, as this is not your aver­age dog obe­di­ence class.

 Suit­able for dogs six months to two years at start.

All of our group train­ing takes place at East­side Vet­eri­nary Asso­ciates of New­cas­tle.

Check out the full PDF details here: Cool Dog Life Skills Info or con­tact me here for dates and availability.

One-on-one train­ing on the Eastside

I do lim­ited one-on-one train­ing for Belle­vue, Issaquah, and the Greater East­side area.

Top­ics I work with include…

  • In-home puppy training
  • Leash walk­ing and leash reac­tiv­ity (bark­ing and lung­ing on leash)
  • Dog-dog aggres­sion
  • Com­mon behav­ior issues: bark­ing, dig­ging, resource guard­ing, etc.
  • Behav­ioral train­ing: aggres­sion towards peo­ple, obses­sive or inter­mit­tently occur­ring behav­iors, and behav­iors that are intense and/or difficult-to-interrupt or man­age currently.

The best way to find out about options and avail­abil­ity is to con­tact me directly so that I can do ask ques­tions, get to know you and your sit­u­a­tion, and sug­gest some paths to take from there.