Hi, I’m Amy.  I’m a Chicago native but fell in love with Washington’s beauty and wild­ness years ago and no I’m here in the Pacific Northwest. 

And, that same urban to nature story is sim­i­lar to my love affair with dog train­ing, because under­stand­ing dogs helps me bet­ter under­stand the world around me.  Dogs give me a more whole  per­spec­tive on life around me.

But after almost 15 years of work in the dog indus­try, I real­ized I needed to make a big shift.  There was a lot a didn’t agree with any­more and it meant I had to make the tough choice to change how I do things.

But even though I am a lit­tle out of the box, or maybe in a more ancient box as it were, one thing has not changed: what I do.  I still help peo­ple and dogs under­stand each other.  I am thank­ful every day for all the rich and won­der­ful expe­ri­ences I have had over the years with my two and four-legged clients.  I look for­ward to more learn­ing and many more good times.

Happy Train­ing,


And if you’d like to know more, reach out to me at Amy@SpunkyDogs.com