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I’m Amy. I pro­vide spe­cially tai­lored coach­ing pro­grams to help peo­ple improve their lives through under­stand­ing their dogs.

We live in a very unnat­ural world, full of dis­trac­tion and over­whelm that makes it hard to be happy, for us and our dogs. Our mod­ern world puts us at odds with the life around us and our rela­tion­ship with our dogs has been no dif­fer­ent, always depicted as a struggle…

…But that story is not the truth. We’ve made the choice to share tens of thou­sands of years together and we have a lot more in com­mon than not.  We both have sim­i­lar needs, feel­ings and desires. Both of us suf­fer unless we get out­side, move, feel the sun on our faces and the wind in our hair, eat healthy, sleep well, learn, love, and laugh.

And if you’re read­ing this, you need those things and so does your dog. And chances are you got a dog to bring to closer to those things in some way; to live in the moment and see the world from a dif­fer­ent but famil­iar viewpoint.

Some of the most beau­ti­ful qual­i­ties dogs have is their coop­er­a­tive, social, and intu­itive nature, and that is sorely lack­ing in most dog-owner rela­tion­ships. There is no rea­son that your every­day inter­ac­tions with your dog should be rigid, stiff, or robotic, despite what you’ve been told.

Because the truth is for you to have the life you want with your dog, your dog will have to under­stand you and you will have to under­stand your dog. Rela­tion­ships are defined in shades of gray, not black and white. This can’t be done with a ten-step for­mula, an inten­sive boot camp, or a sim­ple step-by-step sys­tem, it can only be achieved through actu­ally get­ting to know your dog.

And that hap­pens to be what we do here, help you and your dog cre­ate a rela­tion­ship that is intu­itive, coop­er­a­tive, and mutual.

If you think that might be right for you, reach out to me at Amy@SpunkyDogs.com