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Cre­at­ing con­nec­tions between dogs and peo­ple for com­plete living

We don’t need dogs in out lives.  Log­i­cally (and in a pros and cons list) they are far more expense than they are worth.  How­ever, liv­ing with dogs can bring a world under­stand­ing that is beyond us: con­nec­tion, inti­macy, under­stand­ing, and a per­cep­tion of our envi­ron­ment that we sim­ply do not pos­sess alone.  Truly relat­ing to a non-human ani­mal is truly mystical.

But it is also not eas­ily obtained.  It requires empa­thy, learn­ing, and the set­ting aside of ego.  A much deeper dive than most train­ing pro­grams or dog pro­fes­sion­als are will­ing to take.

I’m guess­ing that you’re here because you’re seek­ing some­thing deeper than the stan­dard super­fi­cial back­yard rela­tion­ship with your dog, or robotic unyield­ing obe­di­ence.  You are here because you enjoy the journey.

If so, then I wel­come you to learn some more about how we view the dog-human rela­tion­ship, or check out some of our pro­grams com­ing soon!